“FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL AND EFFICIENT” “There seems to be a professional culture in Louisa Fleet recruitment. These are some of the skills provided when working with Courteney Drane. I have recently secured a senior account manager role, and I can’t emphasise enough how the journey was made very clear and easy. Courteney takes the time to understand the culture of the roles and manages to relay this verbally when in conversation, to help provide a visual feel of life in various industries. Courteney is very informative and has guided me to help understand more about my upcoming role. She has great follow up skills and sets clear objectives of the required actions to be followed. A strong tendency to identify your needs to help make a great match. I would highly recommend getting in contact when looking into your next career steps. A big thank you!” D. Wilkinson Key Account Manager

“I can highly recommend Courteney in her professionalism, warmth and honesty as a recruitment consultant. Total transparency regarding the position on offer. She gave good strategic advice on how to handle specific interviews and diligently followed up after each stage. She made the entire process seamless from start to finish” – J. Hutson Field Sales Executive  

“FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL & GENUINE” “This is how I’d describe Louisa Fleet. She contacted me via LinkedIn, I wasn’t even looking for a new role. What set her apart from everyone else at the time was that she bothered to pick the phone up and have a conversation with me. This conversation started with what was important to me, as opposed to a “sales pitch” and it was clear her priority was to get a 2-way match in order to make a long-term hire for me and her client. Throughout the whole process, there was clear communication and regular updates provided. Once the job was offered to me and I had accepted my now new role, she even took me out for lunch! Thank you again, Louisa.” D. Gerhardi Regional Development Manager  

“A massive thank you to Louisa Fleet Recruitment Consultancy Ltd I have been offered a job that is exactly what I was looking for. The team are very professional, helpful and with a very easy approach. Louisa and Courtney were very supportive from the beginning to the end of the process, always giving me feedback and keeping me updated. I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me to find this amazing position! I highly recommend Louisa Fleet Recruitment Consultancy Ltd to anyone job hunting as you will not regret it!” L. Phiri Immigration Consultant  

“I have recently secured my new appointment through Louisa Fleet Executive. Louisa was the retained recruiter and handled the whole process from start to finish. I would describe the hiring process as Transparent, due diligent, and no stone left uncovered. With constant communication and a great person to help guide you throughout the process. Louisa stood out because of her understanding of the business needs. You can clearly see throughout the process she has a great rapour with MD’s, CEO’s and executive leadership.  To summarise I would highly recommend Louisa’s executive search services to MD’s and CEO’s of high growth SME’s with leadership appointments as she is by far one if not the SME within this field. She will not only find the right candidates, she will also remove all roadblocks and provide a great pathway for a seamless process. Highly recommended. Thank you.” D. Evans Director of Operations  

“I have known Louisa now for around 6 months and have been on both sides of the fence with her; both as a candidate and as a recruiter. I was placed in my current role by her and I have recently made an offer of a placement through her. I therefore feel very qualified in writing this recommendation. From the very outset, both professionalism and structure are apparent. As a candidate, it was refreshing to have Louisa listen to what I was looking for, ensure that the role she had suited and that there was a cultural fit, even before I had my first interview. She made the process run smoothly, with expectations being met along the way. A very positive experience which is unfortunately all too rare in this business.
In my new role as Regional Sales Manager, I needed to recruit. Louisa very quickly understood what it was I was looking for and went to market. We regularly reviewed candidates, the challenges we faced and indeed requirements for the role. We “shook things up” a little and bingo-she found me the perfect candidate. She actually found me two perfect candidates and I was heartbroken to not be able to take both on!
If I were to summarize? Louisa listens, processes and delivers. With a huge smile :)I have known Louisa now for around 6 months and have been on both sides of the fence with her; both as a candidate and as a recruiter. I was placed in my current role by her and I have recently made an offer of a placement through her. I therefore feel very qualified in writing this recommendation. From the very outset, both professionalism and structure are apparent. As a candidate, it was refreshing to have Louisa listen to what I was looking for, ensure that the role she had suited and that there was a cultural fit, even before I had my first interview. She made the process run smoothly, with expectations being met along the way. A very positive experience which is unfortunately all too rare in this business. In my new role as Regional Sales Manager, I needed to recruit. Louisa very quickly understood what it was I was looking for and went to market. We regularly reviewed candidates, the challenges we faced and indeed requirements for the role. We “shook things up” a little and bingo-she found me the perfect candidate. She actually found me two perfect candidates and I was heartbroken to not be able to take both on! If I were to summarize? Louisa listens, processes and delivers. With a huge smile :)” C. Nixon Regional Sales Manager

“Louisa Fleet Recruitment has been the most outstanding recruitment agency I have encountered. After turning down other opportunities, Louisa assisted me in finding the right job. The communication was excellent from start to finish, and even after I started my new role, she checked in to see if I was happy and offered advice on how to resolve any issues. Outstanding service!!” D. Cadena Operations Manager   

“Louisa displays great energy and enthusiasm to get her clients the best roles for growth in their careers. I found Louisa to be consistent, reliable and trustworthy to her promises. Louisa possesses exceptional communication skills, I admire her hunger to deliver results by going above and beyond to get things done and provide all the data a prospect needs to be successful during every stage of interviewing. I recommend Louisa highly, she won’t let you down!”  A. Johnson Pre Sales Engineer 

“Recently I was approached by Louisa about a significant career move. The support provided by Louisa was second-to-none and has resulted in me starting my next exciting challenge. Clearly the work that had been put in to match me to the new role had been thoroughly analytical and no stone had been left unturned. Louisa has a pleasant approach and whilst making people feel at ease she is able to cover difficult conversations with flair and professionalism. After an introduction to her client under their retained partnership arrangement, I felt there were no questions that I could not comprehensively and authoritatively answer thanks to the background preparation completed by Louisa. This consultative approach really brings out the best in candidates. I would thoroughly recommend Louisa to any organisation wishing to work with a recruitment professional who can deliver on their objectives, time after time. Similarly if you want to move on and upwards in your career, please speak to Louisa. It is highly likely she has a role to take your career to the next level.” D. Nuth Commercial Director 

“I know a handful, not two, of excellent recruiters in the UK and I just added Louisa Fleet to my list. In common they have a genuine interest to understand who you are as a person/professional, ensure we map the areas of concern and most importantly support both sides to find ways to address them in a very clever and strategic way before, during and after the recruitment process. Her genuine interest to identify gaps during the recruitment process translate to me as a strong desire to achieve superior excellence. I am very happy to have met Louisa and most definitely will stay in touch.”  M. Vilela Sales Director 

“Courteney and Louisa Fleet really stood out among the many recruiters I have worked with during my job search. It was not a case of sending through as many candidates for a role in the hope that one of them sticks. They took the time to know me as a individual and establish my needs and wants from the role, as well as making sure I was a good fit for the organisation. Courteney went above and beyond to help each step of the way through the entire recruitment process to make sure I was always well informed and well prepared.” S. Patel Sales Manager

“Louisa came highly recommended to me by a close friend and up to this point I had never worked with a recruitment business before. My exposure to recruitment agencies over the years has been cold direct messages on LinkedIn with little to no research as to my current role or situation. Louisa couldn’t have been further from my past experiences and from our first conversation I knew I had made the right choice. Time was spent understanding me, not the role and the package, me. Understanding why and what this career change means to me on a personal level. The process was then tailored around this and laser focussed on businesses that would be a great fit for my personal situation and where I am at in my career, not the scatter gun approach taken by others. I highly recommend Louisa and if you’re looking for your next move, have a chat, you won’t regret it.” A Kennett Business Development Manager 

“Louisa listened intently to what was important to me from a career perspective, but also personally. I felt that she used this information to find specific a role and company that would be the best fit, rather than throwing multiple opportunities at once which can make you feel like a recruiter is just trying to fill a role and move on. Louisa works exclusively with her clients which meant that my interview was set up and progressed quickly. She also provided the best company and character briefing that I’ve ever received, which allowed me to be extremely prepared and confident. Great overall experience and I would highly recommend Louisa.” P. Ali Senior Account Manager 

“I highly recommend Louisa for her recruitment and consultancy skills. Thank you Louisa!” L. Doyle Sales & Marketing Manager   

“Thank you for making recruitment painless! Cheers” J. Clark Managing Director 

“Louisa comes highly recommended. Her communication is best in class, and she goes the extra mile. Thank you Louisa for all your help.”  M. Bingham BDM   

“Louisa is a breath of fresh air! When she first approached me I knew she would be excellent to work with. She spent time getting to know me and prioritised my requirements and needs so that when she had the right role, we both knew it was perfect match. Louisa is committed to making sure that you are the right fit for the client and invests herself in that project so to make sure it is an easy and pleasant experience. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a new opportunity to talk to her. She is enthusiastic, listens to your needs and will support you throughout the whole process and is a recruiter that will stand out from the rest. Thank you Louisa!” C. Banks Business Development 

“Having worked with Louisa over the past couple of years, the approach taken to recruitment is quite different to many recruiters I have worked with over the years. Louisa invests time upfront to really understand the requirements of the assignment, large or small, she takes time to appreciate the brief, profile and culture and this is key to getting the right candidates in front of a business. Louisa Fleet Recruitment is not a business that just pushes CV’s in front of a client, they screen thoroughly, profile the candidates to ensure that they fully understand the company, role, and any expectations. They ensure that the ‘fit’ is right for the client and the candidate. Louisa challenges how you think, she is exceptional at asking the right questions, this ensures that you waste no time in fulfilling positions with the right people. The ratio of candidates to offer is one of the best I have seen working with recruiters and I firmly believe that this different approach is key to a higher success rate. I look forward to continuing to work with Louisa in the coming years and would recommend Louisa Fleet Recruitment if you are looking for great people.” R. Adams Sales Director 

“Louisa offered to help source a member of staff for my business.  I have been through the recruitment process before and often recruitment advisers just send over lots of CV’s and I’ve had to sift through.  Louisa did things differently, she took the time to understand my business, she discussed the role and my expectations and came to visit our office to understand who might be a good fit for the business.  Louisa then head hunted a candidate following lots of research and pre-qualified the candidate by interviewing them before putting them forward.  This ensured that I was only interviewing suitable pre-qualified candidates, which was really important as it was a particularly busy time for me.  I would recommend Louisa for all recruitment needs.” P. Bicknell Partner 

“I’ve been in retail for 8 years and for a long time been looking for a role in administration. I applied for a role advertised by Louisa Fleet and was contacted by Louisa herself. After a few phone conversations I secured an interview with the company and got offered the job! Throughout the whole process Louisa and Kate were very professional, friendly and reassuring. I cannot thank them enough!” F. Shaxted Field Sales Executive 

“Absolutely fantastic first week thus far, the team is amazing and I already feel settled like I’m at home. All the support and guidance I could ask for and more, and a brilliant bunch of ladies to work with!! I would just like to thank you again for your help in securing me this role :)Thank You.” J, Uddin Ali. Field Sales Executive

“I would just like to say a massive thank You to Kate especially and the team at Lousia Fleet for being very approachable, they provide You with the best support and advice to see a candidate through the doors and worked around my own schedule where possible. I am super impressed by this company and would recommend then to everyone where I can from now onwards!” J. Uddin Field Sales Executive 

“Kate who headhunted myself has been very supportive and professional throughout the process of helping me with the job. I honestly couldn’t ask for anymore from Kate, she has been outstanding from our first telephone call. B. Jordan Field Sales Executive

“Kate Hughes was a pleasure to work with. She made the whole recruitment process smooth and much easier by confirming arrangements and managing all the communication with the employer efficiently. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and work with her again.” L. Potter Marketing Executive 

“Kate at Louisa Fleet Recruitment is an absolute star! Really approachable and put a lot of effort into securing me a very promising career position – extremely happy in my new role & couldn’t be more thankful!” C. Gribble Fabricator 

“I used LFRC to recruit both a Quality Engineer and Senior Account Manager.  Kate’s communication throughout the process was excellent, always keeping us informed of progress. She took the time to understand the unique challenges of recruiting for our specialised engineering business in the F1 Motor Sport sector. We are very specific in our requirements for employees and she managed to find 2 excellent candidates who have settled into our business and are doing very well. I would highly recommend both Kate and Louisa Fleet Recruitment.” P. Hughes, Managing Director 

“Quality service delivered by professionals. Louisa Fleet understood our requirements and made the recruitment process easy by reducing the candidates down to a few exceptional ones. They know their market and I would not hesitate in recommending Louisa Fleet for your recruitment needs.” T. Clarke Director 

“Hi Kate, Thanks for your kind words.  At every stage of this process Terry and I have shared similar sentiments about you and your firm, it’s been an enjoyable and frictionless process and we’re really pleased to have found someone so soon.  We’ll do everything we can to make Lindsey feel welcome, supported, and part of the our family.  It sounds corny but I think you know how we do things here and I’m sure Lindsey will enjoy working with us and the rest of the team.” M. Stradman Director Of Operations 

“Best Recruitment Experience!!! Louisa’s professionalism and guidance in finding me my dream job with a fantastic company was second to none. Louisa Fleet Recruitment should be everyone’s first choice when either looking for a candidate or looking for your next role. Amazing service, thank you.” H. Cooke Field Sales Executive 

“After being made redundant and in touch with a few various recruitment agencies. I have to say Kate from Louisa Fleet Recruitment stood out from the rest by far! Absolutely fantastic experience, very supportive, and always kept me updated and gave me lots of information which really helped for the interview prep. The whole process was quick and within 2 weeks, a job offer and start date. Kate negotiated an excellent salary for me also. Very easy and very stress free – Would very highly recommend using this recruitment agency when searching for a new job!” J. Lavene Field Sales Executive 

“Kate has worked on finding me a suitable position in a very tight time frame. Not only did she find a position she found the right company I was looking for. Kate has been highly organised, a great communicator and negotiator and above all else listened to my requirements.
I cannot thank you enough for your help and support over the last 3 months and cannot recommend you enough.”  A. Farrell Field Sales Executive
Thanks for all your hard work.
“As a candidate for a recent role Louisa Fleet were recruiting for, I received excellent support and service. From the beginning of the selection process, they engaged with me fully and regularly; providing superb and accurate knowledge of the company, role and person specification. Throughout the interview stage, they supported with preparation, guidance and encouragement, never failing to follow up, and no question left unanswered. I am pleased to say I was successful in my application – I owe a lot to Louisa Fleet. The best recruiter I have worked with!” L Gravett Executive PA  

“Louisa and her team are fantastic. The communication is brilliant and they really offer support and guidance in the run up to the interview. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Don’t have a bad word to say. Thank you Louisa Fleet recruitment :)” E Bilcock Field Sales Executive

“Throughout my 35-year Sales Leadership career I have built some great companies. The 1 thing that makes great companies great is great people. Great people that perform and stay. To achieve that primary goal, I need Partners I can rely on. Partners that know what I want and find me the people I need quickly, consistently. I cannot scale my businesses without those trusted Partners. When it comes to Recruiting the best talent in Sales, I have that Partner in Louisa and her team. Louisa is the most talented recruiter I have ever met. She is driven and always client focused. Her Team works tirelessly to my skin-tight Position Briefing Documents to find me Great People. It has been a privilege to work with a Recruitment team who are so innovative, thoughtful and effective. They listen, hear and demonstrate clear understanding of my needs. They are pro-active, detailed and provide a very powerful insight into the candidates. Insights that a CV could never portray. Louisa has an undying passion for her profession. This shines through and she really stand-outs from the crowd. Do you have a Great Company? Are you looking for a Great People? People who Perform and Stay? Look no further. Spend a small amount of time in Louisa’s presence. You will soon understand why I hold in her such high regard. Stop wondering where all the Great People are. Talk to Louisa. She’ll find them for you.”  D Davies CEO 

“Kate and Louisa are both amazing consultants. Friendly and professional with great advice too! Not the usual type of agency though – if you want experienced, knowledgeable and caring recruitment consultants – definitely use Louisa Fleet Recruitment Consultants. 5* ladies and a 5* service!” F. Warburton Field Sales Executive 

“Kate has a great personality, and I found out a lot about the job opportunity for a Quality Inspector. She followed all the correct steps in recruiting me. She advised the company about my experience, skills and qualifications very well. She negotiated for me the best rate which was so important in taking and securing the opportunity. She described the position and the job role perfectly. Kate is a very good communicator and very respectful.” M . Neisi Quality Engineer 

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Kate Hughes who helped me to get an excellent job with Johnson’s Apparelmaster. She was extremely thorough in her approach, giving me all the background I needed so that I could prepare myself for the interviews. Throughout the whole process she was extremely helpful and pleasant. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her. Kate is most definitely the most helpful recruitment consultant I have ever dealt with.” D. Carpmail Field Sales Executive 

“From start to finish, I knew I picked a trustworthy and competent recruitment agency for my hiring needs. Louisa made it her priority to get to know me, the business and understand the role profile in depth. She kept me up to date throughout her search and provided me with quality CV’s resulting in excellent interviews. I would highly recommend Louisa and her team for any sales role you have nationally. She has a vast network and I am confident the team would be successful in filling your requirements.” M. Robinson Head Of Sales Operations 

“Had a really positive experience with Louisa Fleet recruitment. Louisa really went out of her way to provide an amazing service. One of the only agencies I have dealt with that has put in the effort with both the recruiter and potential recruits.” J Blessett Field Sales Executive 

“Kate was a great help in finding a great candidate for this role. She understood the qualities we were looking for and what we are hoping for from the candidate in the new position. That made the rest of the process very straight forward.” T .Pickford Sales Director 

“Working with Kate of Louisa Fleet was a delight. Kate was very helpful and always at hand if I had any questions. She kept me up to date throughout the entire prosses and ensured I was the correct candidate for the role I had applied for. I will shortly be starting my new role and it’s thanks to Kate that I am not nervous and feel fully equipped with the information I need before starting. I would recommend Kate and the team at Louise Fleet, as looking for a job can be stressful. However in this case it definitely was made easier with their help! Thank you again for all your help Kate!” N. Klein Sales Support 

“I’ve been working with Katie and I have to say it’s been great. As opposed 90% of other recruiters that I’ve dealt with, Katie actually listens to my requirements and finds relevant opportunities rather than submitting my CV to anything. I also feel that the recruiters here have a good relationship with their clients which means any placement is likely to last as it’s right for both parties involved. I would 100% recommend Louisa Fleet Recruitment” J Brock Field Sales

“Absolutely fantastic service. I wasn’t even looking for another role and I was contacted by Louisa, they matched me with an ideal company who were offering a great deal. I had been employed for 8 years so was a bit out of practice with interviews but Louisa was really supportive, gave me some great advice and kept in touch every step of the way. I cannot thank her and the company enough as they have given me a step up in my career and the confidence to make that decision.” H. Winch-Furness Field Sales Executive 

“It has been a pleasure dealing with Louisa Fleet Recruitment. I was contacted by Kathryn Twine about a position she had to fill by her client. I felt Kathryn had a great insight into the company she was recruiting for and she was able to fully prepare and guide me through the interview process with ease. The communication with Kathryn I felt went above and beyond of what I would have expected from an agency. Kathryn gave me the confidence to go to the interview and present my skills and I feel they are a great match to my now future employer. I would not hesitate recommending Louise Fleet recruitment they certainly do keep to their Candidate Promise!” P. Cavanagh Sales Support 

“From the first initial call to finding me my prefect new job role all the ladies at Louisa Fleet were so nice, kind, informative, supportive but most importantly 100% professional. I would recommend Louisa Fleet Recruitment to anyone looking for their next role. Thank you to everyone for your outstanding help and advice throughout, you made the process enjoyable and I can’t wait to start my new job.” F. Few Field Sales Executive 

“Reliable, informative and overall very helpful! Thanks guys.” G. Kernohan Field Sales Executive  

“Very professional service throughout the process and lovely to deal with. Felt thoroughly looked after and their care and attention continued well beyond the secured job offer. Highly recommended.” A. Moore Field Sales Executive 

“I can’t thank Louisa Fleet FIRP and the team at Louisa Fleet Recruitment Consultancy Ltd enough for finding Libreea Limited the perfect new addition for our team. A fabulous job. We will definitely be using Louisa Fleet Recruitment Consultancy Ltd for all of our recruitment needs and highly recommend their services.” V. Hormigo  MD 

“I just want to say a massive thank you to Kathryn & Louisa at Louisa Fleet Recruitment. You made the whole job search process extremely easy in finding the most perfect job for me with constant help along the way, nothing was too much trouble for you both. I can’t thank you both enough as everything has fallen into place and I am now into week two of my new job role with Johnson Apparelmaster” H. Rojczyk Field Sales Executive 

“Louisa is a truly talented recruiter and matched me to a suitable role immediately. She was really clear about the job role and gave me detailed feedback at each stage of the interview process. The whole experience was very positive from start to finish – thanks for finding me a great job and thanks for a 5 star service!” J. Daniel Field Sales Consultant 

” Had an absolutely fantastic experience with Louisa, very supportive throughout the whole process, and always kept me in the know. The whole process was quick, easy and stress free – which helps a lot with interview nerves! Would highly recommend using this recruitment agency when searching for a new job.” E. Balshaw Field Sales Executive 

“From start to finish I encountered a positive experience; Louisa and her team were very responsive via email and telephone. First initial contact was over email to schedule a phone call, which was extremely helpful if you have a busy diary. I always looked forward to receiving phone calls from Louisa. The team took time to get to know me and was always happy to answer any questions and gave excellent advice. Louisa and her team have been a dream to work with. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to start or progress their career. Once again thank you for all your help!”  J. Homan Business Development Manager 

“Amazing. I would highly recommend. Louisa goes out of her way for others & really cares. Louisa really takes the time to understand you, listen to you and then she goes above and beyond to do whatever she can do to support and help you achieve your perfect role/desired outcome.” J. Tyrrell Sales Executive

“We previously found it hard to find the right people for the role but Louisa made it look easy. She was professional, proactive and did exactly what she said she would do. Before we knew it, we had several good candidates to choose from and offered the role to the right person. It’s working out great, I would very highly recommend Louisa Fleet recruitment to all. She goes above and beyond and we know who to call for our recruitment needs. Thank you Louisa.” B. Christian Sales Director 

“Louisa and Kathryn have both been amazing throughout my recruitment process. Louisa ensured she was in contact with me throughout the whole process. She really did go above and beyond, especially compared to other recruiters I have experienced in the past. I would 100% recommend Louisa Fleet Recruitment. Thank you Louisa and Kathryn!”  R. Wilson, Account Manager 

“It was an absolute pleasure from the moment there was contact. So unbelievably helpful and amazing support from start to finish. Needless to say I got the job. Thank you louisa and everyone at Louisa fleet recruitment consultancy.” S. Mair Field Sales Executive 

“I Just wanted to say, I was being serious the other day when I said you were a stand out recruiter. I’ve dealt with a lot and not many of them go to the lengths of interview prep that you did. I’ve left you a recommendation on LinkedIn. Thanks!” J. Adam Social Media Marketing Specialist 

“I found Louisa Fleet Recruitment to be extremely conscientious, proactive and personable. It was refreshing to deal with an agency who were genuinely interested in helping find the right candidate for the vacancy. I will definitely use again.” A. Hitchman M.D. 

“Kathryn and Louisa have been absolutely outstanding throughout the employment process. They have provided support and encouragement at every step even sending good luck messages before interviews! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Louisa Fleet Recruitment as they have always been professional and courteous and go the extra mile by adding a personal touch that goes beyond expectations and then some. Thanks for all your help and support!”  F. Shonteff Customer Service Executive 

“Thank you Louisa! I have been so impressed with your level of professionalism and accuracy in matching me for my next role. And, what’s more, it’s been a pleasure working with you during the interview process. Looking forward to starting my new job in a couple of weeks” D. Burgess Field Sales Executive 

“During the tough times whilst finding a new role, you need all the support and guidance you can get from your recruiter. Louise Fleet recruitment consultancy is def. up to standards and I have been consistently impressed. During the time that she has helped me with my recruitment process, I found very friendly & I am sure that her efficiency will help other candidates to find a good job and also to have this important support that I had.” J. Cabrera Field Sales Executive

“Excellent recruitment company, very thorough, & professional making sure you get the best opportunity to succeed. Great help and advice and they still care even after you secure a new post. First class service, couldn’t of asked for more!” M. Hubbard Sales & Ops Planner

“Louisa provided an excellent service from the initial first contact about the opportunity, through the application & interview process to the offer and contract negotiation. The interview coaching and encouragement she gave me was invaluable, and she kept in regular contact during my notice period, making sure to message me just before I started. Her team are professional and responsive, but have a unique personal touch. The whole process was a pleasure.” E. Smith Field Sales Executive 

“Thank you so much for all your help, by far the best recruitment agent super helpful, super-efficient & always at the end of the phone!”  C Beamish-Knight, Admin Assistant 

“Louisa understood everything I was after in a job role after taking the time to get to know me through several informal chats. This approach was far more effective and pleasing than the usual recruitment process I’ve experienced elsewhere. I would recommend Louisa to anybody looking for a job as she balance the employee and employer requirements outstandingly to make sure there was a match for both parties. Louisa, I wish you every success in the future. Many thanks” C Gardner Field Sales Executive 

“Raise your glass of well-deserved wine to all at Louisa Fleet. Everyone I dealt with within your company have been awesome. Thanks again, have a good weekend and speak on Monday. Whoop Whoop I am so chuffed to bits.”  A. Carmichael Regional Account Manager 

“Thanks for all your help, you’ve really hit the nail on the head with this appointment, touch wood!”  I. Fielding-Calcutt CEO 

“Louisa was the driving force behind my recent job appointment. She is tenacious and a pleasure to deal with. If you are looking for a change in career direction, you could do a lot worse than contact Louisa via LinkedIn.” I Searle Business Development Manager 

“Thank you Louisa for understanding my skill and what I was looking forward for in a new roll. Your knowledge of the company that you forwarded me too gave me a great start in the interviews, which you skilfully guided me through. I’m now looking forward to starting a new chapter in my working career!” C. Parrot Sales Consultant 

“Having just been through the fastest recruitment process of all times, I cannot speak highly enough of Louisa and her team. Communication was fast, effective and very friendly. She is clearly passionate about making the best match for both the company and the candidate and I would recommend her a million times.” J. Fagerstrom Product Manager
“I have had the pleasure of working with Louisa on couple of occasions, as a Regional Sales Manager to recruit Key Account Manager for London and then looking for career progression for myself. On the both the occasions Louisa made great effort to spend time and know my requirement and matched it with the needs of the candidate / organisation. Louisa spend time and efforts to communicate effectively, answer any queries efficiently and finally made sure to follow up of the outcome. I would highly recommend Louisa to any organisation looking for valuable candidates that will be their successful stars at the same time I would ask any potential candidate to approach Louisa for career progression and making the best of their expertise.” J. Srivastava Regional Sales Manager 

Excellent Recruitment company, professional in their approach and open and honest in their communications with me. R. Black Field Sales Executive

“Anna and Louisa were great to deal with, they made sure I was fully prepared for my interview and was constantly in contact. Highly recommend using their services” J. Stevens Business Development Manager 

“Louisa and her team have been amazing to deal with. They went above and beyond to help me take my next step in my career. They took the time to get to know who I am and then used this to match me with best job and company. I would highly recommend people to work with them. Thanks again Louisa, it’s been great to work with you!” S. Clarke Customer Service Executive 

“Very prompt efficient service, found Louisa very helpful and professional. Would definitely recommend” M. Jones Field Sales Executive  

“Kathryn was a great help in helping me find the perfect role. She listened to all my wants and needs and answered all my questions I had and got back to me in good timing. She always kept me informed on the next step for job interviews and arranged a prep interview call before the main interview for the job. I will 100% use them for my next career step and highly recommend if you’re looking for your next perfect job. Thank you very much to Kathryn and the rest of the team.” – E. Caushi Sales Executive

“My experience was very Quick, efficient. Everything went smoothly. Got a lot of support and guidance. Thank you for your help.” N. Benawara Sales Executive 

“Hi Louisa, Well I can vouch for the toughness of the recruitment market in our area!!! Thank you I’m looking forward to having Bhavna on board and thank you to you and your team for all of your efforts in finding strong candidates for us.” J Cox Desk Sales Manager 

“Loving my job by the way, the best move I have ever made and it wouldn’t have been possible without your belief in me so thank you”. C.Edge Business Development Manager 

“I don’t normally recommend recruiters, but you were an exception due to the way you go about recruitment. It’s also beneficial to myself to have a reliable recruiter than understands our needs and also business”. T. Thorpe Head of Service Delivery 

“I applied for a vacancy via a job board on a Sunday & Louisa contacted me first thing on the Monday morning to discuss in more detail. Requested further information was provided to me within hours & Louisa contacted me regularly with updates.  It was not unusual to have contact with her outside of normal working hours. During the interview process Louisa was keeping me posted & when offer was made Louisa did her upmost for me. It was clear that Louisa does her best for both the hirer & the candidate & nothing proved too much trouble for her. This process was made much the easier due to her way of working. Regular & clear communication, updates given when promised & easiest the best service I have received from a recruiter whether hiring or seeking employment. Even once in position Louisa has been in contact regularly to ensure all is ok & asking “how is it going” I would have no hesitation in using her services again or recommending others to her.”
K. Bird Regional Sales Manager 

“My experience with Louisa Fleet Recruitment has been excellent! From speaking with Anna, Kathryn and Louisa, I received friendly advice and genuine conversations from all of them. Unlike other agencies that I have previously dealt with, it was really nice to speak to people who were extremely helpful and truly listened to you. Even the text wishing me luck before my interviews was really lovely. Thanks for everything guys!” S. Palmer Sales Executive 

“Thank you so much to Louisa and Anna for finding me a great opportunity to progress my career you were amazing. So easy to talk to and helpful throughout the process. Thanks again!” L. Kambi Account Manager 

“My interaction with Louisa Fleet recruitment has been absolutely amazing. From the initial conversation to the job offer, it has been a lovely experience. I have never spoken to 2 more polite and helpful recruiters. Both Anna and Louisa prepped me so well for the phone & face to face interview. All nerves I had going for the interview were put to the side as they were always on hand to provide helpful information. A massive thank you to Anna and Louisa!” S. Singh Internal Sales Executive 

“Thanks for your time this morning, really appreciated – you’ve given me some great tips/advice this morning already! Please find attached my CV, 8 weeks sounds like a long time – but with our conversation this morning, I think it’s given me the impetus to increase the search to other senior sales positions as well Thanks again for your time, really appreciate it” A. Owen Regional Sales Manager 

“After the conversation I’ve just had with Louisa Fleet FIRP I can honestly agree. Excellent advice and really took the time to listen to me”. N Ricketts Business Development Executive   

“I decided that I needed a career change, my previous job left me with plenty of transferable skills but no pieces of paper to show for it. I got rejected time after time looking for jobs until I approached Louisa at Louisa fleet Recruitment. Who told me I needed to be serious about a career in sales. I took a while to think about it and then went back, since that moment I have had nothing but support from Louisa even after she found me a job. If you are looking for a job in sales or thinking of a career change into sales then give Louisa a call she will not only help you find a job but support you through the whole process.” C. Baars Field Sales Executive

Dear Anna and Louisa, I would just like to thank you both for the continued support you have given me in the past view weeks. I have spoken to many recruitment companies over the past view weeks and I felt I was hitting my head against a brick wall. You both took the time to find out my needs, not just the companies you were recruiting for. You have kept me up to date all the way through and I would highly recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you so much for your help in getting me my new job! Back to work I go. Kind regards  N. Hirst Field Sales Executive 

“Continue with this approach Louisa, as the quality and calibre of the candidates you and your team put forward is usually very high……not just a bums on seats exercise like many other recruiters! You can’t replace the face to face approach with a general telephone screening to determine someone’s true character and fit for an organisation. This is one of the reasons why I have and will continue to use and endorse Louisa Fleet Recruitment.” A. Budgen Regional Sales Manager  

“My experience of working with Louisa Fleet Recruitment Consultancy was outstanding. Louisa and Kathryn were exceptional from the initial contact until they successfully placed me into a Sales Executive role which I am delighted to have. They were professional and approachable and supported me 100% in my application and went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for the interviews. Great people getting great results! Highly recommend.” S. Pickering Field Sales Executive

“Working with the Louisa Fleet Agency and her staff has been an extremely professional and smooth process. I have been kept up to date every step of the way and they do empathise with the client and make them feel that they are cared about.  I am very happy with the position I have attained with the help of the agency and I sincerely hope I won’t need to use them in the future.” N. Michaels Area Sales Manager 

“From the start of November I’ve been looking for a job in sales, it has been a long time since I had to search for a job and I came across many agencies that were looking to hire for other companies. Little did I know I had to go through interviews for them to consider looking for a job for me and then attend more interviews. My experience has been wonderful with Louisa Fleet. When I was first contacted about the role I had applied for I was sceptical about how the process would go and if it would be the same as the others but it was different from the others. The staff were amazing at advising me on what roles I should go for due to my experience and were very knowledgeable about interview techniques. They really follow and guide you throughout the whole process and ensure you are well prepped and ready for the world of work as well as interviews, it was like having a guardian angel with you 24/7 which I’m really grateful for.” A. Bello Field Sales Executive

“It’s been great working with both Kathryn and Louisa, from start to finish they have answered my every question, kept in regular contact and have been brilliant to work with! They’ve helped me get a job role that I wanted after a disappointment in my previous job. I would definitely recommend these guys!” It really has been a pleasure working with you both, thank you for all your help!   E. Spink Field Sales Consultant 

“I would just like to say how much I appreciate the assistance and support I received from Louisa Fleet and Co during my recent job search. Their professionalism and attention to detail was really impressive and a great help” B. Nolan Field Sales Executive

“Hi Louisa and Anna, Please accept my apologies, been meaning to get in touch but have been flat out! Everything is great, everyone is so lovely and I’m loving the role! Its proving to be even better than I had hoped for, so very happy! I can see me being with them for a very long time (if they’ll have me) Thanks so much again for putting me in touch with them! I couldn’t be happier.” N. Johnson Business Development Consultant 

“I have used Louisa’s services for the past few years and have always found her and her colleagues to be efficient, highly effective recruiters. Louisa took the time to understand our business and the type of people that I would be looking for to join my team and consequently we have been able to take on new team members who have made an instant impact and contributed immediately to team results. I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone looking for field sales professionals” T. Mayes, Sales Director 

“I have recently used Louisa Fleet Recruitment for my recent job search which has been extremely successful. I would like to put on record that the service I received by both Louisa and Kathryn has been exceptional throughout. I have used many different recruitment companies over the years and Louisa Fleet is up there with the best I’ve used. They put every effort in to give me the right advice and tools for the role I have recently been offered and since accepted. Louisa and Kathryn came across extremely friendly and professional and unlike many other recruitment companies they kept me in the loop throughout my whole process and actually seemed like they cared about my next role. Again in recruitment I’ve found it to be a numbers game for most recruiters but Fleet seem to take their candidates seriously and give them every opportunity to find the right role. I would strongly recommend their company. 10/10 all round.”  A. Brett Field Sales Executive

“Nothing like any other recruitment agency. From the initial contact from Kathryn to the final stages with Louisa, the team was very engaging the whole process, offering tips and suggestions to maximise my employability. It’s an agency that actually cares and finds the right people for the right employer”  L Vickers Field Sales Executive

“Kathryn and Louisa stand out miles ahead from other recruitment agencies I’ve ever had dealings with in the past. Rather than making you feel like you are just another number to a job application they spend a lot of time supporting you and coaching through the whole process (often in their spare time in the evening), many personal touches given from both of them. Both of them going the extra mile to make sure you are successful. Thank you to both of you.” J. Harvey Field Sales Executive 

“Thank you for all your help, very different from other companies I have experienced and regardless of the outcome will recommend you to other people I know. Have a great weekend.”  T. Fox Field Sales Executive

“Hi Louisa, Just wanted to say a big thank you to you, Anna and Kathryn! Thank you to Kathryn for remembering me and my ‘ideal job’ requirements 6 months after we initially spoke! I didn’t think I’d ever find the kind of role I was hoping for and then I received Kathryn’s email with a role she thought might interest me! She was spot on! Thank you to you and Anna who liaised with me throughout the interview process. It was lovely to deal with you both.

Your services have been professional yet personal, you’re all extremely efficient, friendly and always available to talk and give advice (often outside normal working hours). I’ve dealt with a number of recruitment agencies who could definitely learn a lot from you and your team! I highly recommend your services. Thank you all again for helping me find my ‘ideal job'” N. Johnson Business Development Consultant 

“I was very impressed with the professional and friendly team and even though I found a job elsewhere, I would highly recommend you and if needed, would love to work with you in the future.” J. King Field Sales Executive   

“Thanks for putting me forward for the  role. It was a pleasure speaking with you and Anna throughout the process and the feedback you have provided me with has been brilliant. Thanks a lot.”  Victoria Sales Executive

“I want to thank you for you extremely professional and refreshing approach in trying to secure a position for me. I am very impressed on how you have conducted the job search for myself and the your desire to have a face to face meeting prior to meeting any future Employers / Companies. I found this extremely useful instead of the usual Telephone / Skype screening and the pre employment aptitude tests which discourage more applicants than they are meant to encourage! I wish you the very best for the future and will definitely recommend you as a recruiter of choice for fellow professionals! Best Regards”  P. Pithwa National Sales Manager 

“Louisa Fleet worked extremely hard to ensure that all my needs were met to the highest of standards when it came to securing a new Sales role. I cannot recommend Louisa highly enough to anyone looking for a new job.” D. Berryman Field Sales Executive 

“Louisa is a thoroughly professional and dedicated individual. I have no concerns in promoting her services to people in need of work but also to employers as her level of service and consideration is second to none. She provided help and support from start to finish and kept me informed and updated throughout. Louisa provided me with a service that was second to none. Regards”  A. Akmal Transport Manager  

“Hi Louisa Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for finding me my perfect job, your professionalism has been second to none and you have been very helpful from start to finish during the whole process. If I hear of anyone needing a job I will definitely point them in your direction as well as if I hear of any companies that are looking for a recruitment company to do their recruiting for you. Once again thanks for all you r help you have been amazing. Kind Regards” K. Dellar Field Sales Executive .

“I have just secured a fantastic new position with a great company thanks to Louisa Fleet Recruitment. Louisa definitely has the personal touch, I always felt she believed in me and guided me through the interview process with clear direction and feedback.  From securing the 1st interview through to coaching and advice on my presentation for the 2nd stage, Louisa was friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional.  In what was a potentially stressful situation, I felt looked after and valued, which in turn gave me the confidence to start the next chapter of my career. I will actually miss our conversations!   Not only have I secured a brilliant position, I feel I have also made a friend.  If you are looking to recruit or are wanting a new challenge, I urge to you to contact Louisa Fleet Recruitment. You will not be disappointed. Louisa, many thanks again to you and your team and I wish you all the success you absolutely deserve.”  C Somerfield Field Sales Executive 

“Good morning Louisa, I have just completed my first week in the new position and I have to say how happy I am to be in this role. I would like to thank you for matching me up so well to the role and I would like to let you know how professional and likeable you are. The whole recruitment process was quick and easy for me with your guidance especially with reference to company knowledge and your ongoing support. I will certainly recommend you to friends who are looking for sales roles. Many thanks”  R. Beet Field Sales Executive 

“I would like to use this opportunity to give you my feedback in regards to my experience in dealing with Louisa Fleet Recruitment. I am impressed with the efficiency with which I was kept informed throughout the recruitment process as well as with the speed and efficiency with which each step of the recruitment process was dealt with. Following my recent experience, I would highly recommend the services of Louisa Fleet Recruitment as it made the whole recruitment process a lot easier and simpler. Regards”  A. Ionescu Customer Account Manager 

“Hi Louisa, I Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. You have been really great, you are always contactable even out of hours. I am looking forward to starting my new job on Monday that you put me forward for. Again thanks for everything, will let you know how it goes. Speak soon.” C. Tinton Business Development Manager 

“I recently worked with Louisa as she supported me in securing my new position of Account Manager at Rightmove. Throughout each stage of the process Louisa was extremely helpful, always available to provide me with advice if needed, and would go the extra mile to ensure that I had the best chance possible to succeed. It was evident that Louisa understood the needs of her client’s very well which only strengthened my view that I had made the right choice in accepting my new role as I knew I’d be a great fit with the company. If you are looking for a new position I would highly recommend working with Louisa.” K. Small Business Development Manager 

“I can honestly say, that my experience with Louisa Fleet recruitment has been nothing short of exceptional. Regular communication, consultative approach, extremely friendly. Even my new employer commented on the superb relationship they have. From the first moment I spoke with Kathryn Twine, through to speaking with Louisa herself, I got a feeling that I was being looked after and they genuinely had my best interests at heart. I would totally recommend anyone looking for work (or employers looking for staff) to contact Louisa Fleet recruitment. ” C. Willis Area Sales Manager

“Wow, what can I say about this amazing woman! Louisa is the first recruitment consultant that has ever really made me feel that I wasn’t just a number. She was extremely professional throughout the recruitment process. She took the time to get to know me and help me get into an industry I was unfamiliar with. She believed in me and persuaded my new employer to give me a chance to interview. If it wasn’t for Louisa believing in me, I would never have even got to interview, let alone beat the competition to get the position. I would highly recommend Louisa Fleet to anyone looking for a personal touch whilst still being professional.” C.Selby-Edge Business Development Manager 

“Louisa is a unique and fantastic person. She is kind and always there for you. I was applying for jobs without the experience that was required but Louisa guided, trusted and believed in me so much so I was offered a job. I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work and dedication put towards me in getting me the job. I will always recommend Louisa and can’t speak highly enough of her.”  D. Soutar Field Sales Executive 

“Louisa It was a real privilege to have a your valued professional feedback and guidance in reviewing my C.V, I must say from the start the structure of the process really helped me to understand the key elements. Your expertise and knowledge is outstanding helping me to focus on my strengths whilst outlining my top skills, core competences and less weighted skills.  Thank you for valued time & attention to detail backed by the years of pedigree expertise in recruitment. It would be an honour to be a recommended candidate by the elite in the Industry. You are simply the best! T. Yousaf Sales Executive 

“I’d like to thank you, Kathryn and Sean for your time and effort with me. Your work has been one of, if not the best I’ve seen from recruitment agencies”. Best regards, B. Coombes Field Sales Executive 

“The first thing that attracted me to contact Louisa Fleet Recruitment was the very unique/niche roles they have in my field on offer. I found Louisa to be not only professional but very encouraging, insightful and friendly. Throughout my career I have met with many recruitment agents, Louisa and her team totally outshine the others; they seem to truly care you are the right fit for the job, which speaks highly of the roles they are offering, rather than just sending you through numerous doors in the hope of winning their fee. With the integrity that Louisa has shown both myself and the company, I am proud to say I now work for, I know that if at any time Louisa had any doubts about me or my fit for the role she would rather suggest another direction then following it through. Thank you very much to Louisa and her team!” R. Marrison Business Development Manager 

‘Whilst searching for that next important career move following a number of years with the same company, Louisa was by far the most professional, friendly and helpful Recruiter I spoke to (out of a vast number of companies!). In a job market which is full of Recruitment companies who all promise the earth yet deliver very little, I found Louisa always delivered on her promises and ensured I felt valued as a client every step of the way. She is a true professional who not only knows her clients/roles inside out but also takes time to get to know you as a candidate to find out what is most important in regards your next move, ensuring you have the best chance of success. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Louisa to anyone!” J. Scott  Field Sales Executive 

“Just quick note to thank you very much for helping me secure my new Field Sales Executive position. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone seeking a new role in their career. Having dealt with a number of agencies over the years it was nice to speak to someone that totally understood the position I had applied for and with a clear understanding of the attributes required by the prospective employer. Your consultant Kathryn Twine was also extremely knowledgeable in guiding me through the interview process with various hints and tips. I was kept up to date with what was happening from start to finish, saving me the time and effort in chasing up things. I can only wish you both all the best in your future endeavours!” Kind regards S. Bowie Field Sales Executive  

“Although I am rushed off of my feet and have driven thousands of miles within the past few weeks I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am absolutely loving my new job and I just want to thank Louisa wholeheartedly! The interview process was rather lengthy, and at times overwhelming but Louisa’s guidance, coaching and great enthusiasm really allowed me to stay motivated in order to get through to the next round. Louisa was organised, knowledgeable and passionate and an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend her expertise to anybody in search of a new role or career change. She’s fabulous! Thank you!”  H. Woods Field Sales Executive 

“I have not dealt with a more efficient, professional and courteous recruitment organisation. Louisa is the link that a lot of the other firms in this industry is missing. A massive thank you to Louisa for working with me to secure an exciting new role with an organisation that has the right cultural fit. It is a personal service for both recruiter and the recruited.” “Louisa Fleet Recruitment is definitely the real deal.” A. Domingo Service Delivery Manager 

“I would like to say a big thank you to Louisa for helping me find a new job. She was so easy to talk to and always kept her promises in terms of keeping me. I didn’t feel like just another person and she took time to get to know me and what type of role I was looking for which was great. With other agencies you feel like just another CV but I always felt that Louisa was looking for roles for me. I would definitely recommend Louisa Fleet Recruitment to family and friends based on my experience and if I ever need to use an agency in the future I will certainly go back.” P. Soanes Quality Manager 

“I can’t thank Louisa enough for helping me secure an amazing new role. Her help support and guidance gave me the confidence to do well at each interview stage. Louisa fully prepped me and gave me a full understanding of the role and company before I met with them and guided me through the process with ease. She was professional, warm and friendly at all times and I would highly recommend her to anyone aiming for a new role. It has been a real pleasure to deal with her.” J. Plummridge Area Sales Manager 

“I have just had a successful 3 month review and I wanted to thank you for all of your help! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am now- in a new company, a brand new industry and I am really, really, happy. Thank you for recognising my transferable selling skills and introducing me to this exciting new career ” S. Meek Field Sales Executive

“I would just like to say that working with Louisa has been an absolute pleasure, a real breath of fresh air from start to finish, she supported me through the process of leaving one business and gave me all the support I needed and more to give myself the best chance of securing the position within another business. This recommendation alone cannot convey her full eagerness to help people succeed and if there was 2 of the best and easiest recruiters in the world to work with I would have to say that Louisa Fleet you would be the both of them;. Thank you so much again for all your help and I wish you the very best for the future 10/10” J. Miller Major Sales Executive 

“Louisa was professional and remained true to her word throughout the recruitment process. She kept in touch and was a great help and support, with full confidentiality. I cannot speak highly enough of her or the service she provides.” M. Briggs Field Sales Executive 

“Louisa fleet helped me find my perfect job! A truly brilliant service which matched me perfectly to the company I now work for.  Louisa was always available to guide me through the process and making sure that myself the candidate and my prospective employer where both happy and confident about taking the process forward.  I would thoroughly recommend Louisa fleet and thank her for all her hard work” C.Kitman Area Sales Manager 

“I am looking forward to the next chapter in my career and want to thank you for all your guidance and support in helping to secure my new role as National Account Manager. Your professional approach and personal service has been excellent throughout” N. Hallisley National Account Manager 

“Louisa Fleet is what I would call a STAR RECRUITER. She is all about the Candidate. You are not a number in her eyes, but a person looking for a career and a job that suits their needs.  And for me that’s what so captivating. She really listens, gets to know you as person and puts you forward for the right roles.  I cannot thank Louisa enough with regards to my new role. I am truly enjoying it and it’s all down to her skill, and knowing what I was looking for from day one. An all-round STAR RECRUITER. I would recommend her 10 times over” R. Achom National Account Manager 

“You have been a godsend of support, I just want to thank you so much for the opportunity and all of your help so far” D. Chessher Field Sales Executive 

“I just want to thank you for helping me secure my position. You have really supported me through the first and second interviews which was of great help to me. You have been professional throughout so I would highly recommend anyone to use you in their search for their perfect role. I am in my third week and can honestly say that this is the perfect role for me and I am looking forward to what the future holds for me. Thanks again for all of your help” A. Gabrielle Field Sales Executive  

“I can thoroughly recommend Louisa as an outstanding recruiter.  From the moment I applied online she matched my skills perfectly to the role and quickly understood my needs as a candidate.  Where I had concerns and queries about the role Louisa promptly researched these with the company and came back with the necessary information to help me.  I found Louisa supportive throughout the entire process, keeping me fully informed of the next steps.  It truly felt like a personal service.  Louisa is a credit to the recruitment industry and is an asset to anyone seeking to develop their career.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again .” J. Llewellyn Digital Marketing Manager 

Dear Louisa, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for all your support with putting me forward and helping me secure the National Account Manager role. I am excited about my future new career. Kind regards N. Hallisley National Account Manager 

Hi Louisa, Many thanks for all your hard work especially within a challenging time frame in helping me secure my role as an Account manager which was certainly appreciated. I would also like to complement you on your attention to detail and invaluable knowledge on the company and key personnel to make the process seamless and successful. Lastly I would certainly use you again, although hopefully not too soon… and recommend you to colleagues and friends. Once again many thanks for your help 🙂 R. Owens Account Manager 
Louisa, Just a quick message to let you know I had my first day at Glöden yesterday and it went very well,
I just wanted to say thank you so much to both of you for all of your help and support in helping me get this job, and thank you for being so understanding whilst I was ill and things had to be rearranged, Thanks again.  R. Wilde Manager

Louisa Fleet is not only a recruitment consultant, but a recruitment expert. Louisa matched my work experience to her client’s job requirements and set up an initial telephone interview. On being asked for a second interview Louisa met with me and gave me excellent advice on her client’s needs which ultimately provided me with pre interview knowledge. Louisa gave me tips on how to become a more positive candidate. After being with my previous employer for over ten years, I went to my interview with confidence and I received the job offer the very same day. C. Noble   Field Sales Executive   
“I would like to thank Louisa and her team for their exceptional work on helping to place me in a new role. I found their communication to be excellent at all times, fast responses to any questions I had and always keeping me updated as to the progress of the role I was up for. I found that Louisa really understood the type of role that I was looking for and made sure that she found a perfect fit for me. This was truly refreshing after dealing with other recruitment agencies that seemed to just be interested in hitting KPI’s whereas Louisa ensured that I only discussed truly applicable roles. I would highly recommend Louisa to anyone looking for work, she made it a very enjoyable experience.”  G. Asche Global Sales Manager

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your help in securing my new role. The offer letter arrived on Friday. I would highly recommend your services to others” D. George Field Account Manager

“It was good experience just to go and you were brilliant. An agency that goes the extra mile, thank you. This has just given me the push that I needed to move on and find another company to work for. Thank you for your help” M. Nyland. Business Development Manager 
“Louisa has a very professional and approachable manner; she takes the time to understand what the candidate is looking for and to source a placement which reflects that.  She supports you throughout the process making sure that she is always on hand should you have any queries.  Would definitely recommend Louisa and her company” G. Charnley Area Sales Manager 

“My first communication with Louisa was last summer. She was one of the only agencies that asked to meet me before arranging any interviews for the jobs I was interested in. Louisa was very welcoming although interview was thorough and challenging and it set the bar for what I should expect from her clients which actually was a great help. I was very close to being offered a position when my circumstances changed. Despite all the hard work Louisa had put in she was very understanding where most recruitment agents would of forgotten about me she kept in contact and waited till I was ready. As promised I came back when I was ready and reapplied for the original role. Louisa not only put me forward again after me backing out last time but took time out of her day again to meet me and give some points and tips of what I might expect in the interview coming up. I was offered and have now secured a fantastic role with a global company and I am very excited about starting. I’d like to take the time to thank Louisa for the support and sticking with me throughout the months” A. Hall Field Sales Consultant 

“Louisa is the most professional recruiter I have dealt with, she will go the extra mile to ensure her clients only receive applicants who are suitably matched to their requirements and are fully briefed with the clients expectations both for the selection process and for the position. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.” S. Tempest Sales Executive  

“Thank you for all your help and guidance you certainly have been the best recruitment consultant I have ever come across. All the best to you and your company”  F. Day Sales manager 

“I thought I’d update you on my progress since it’s been 6 months. I am now an account manager, I passed my probation and have been given the West End territory to work instead of North London, things are looking good and I’m working my butt off to ensure it stays that way. Thanks for your support and all the best” C. Wokoh Account Manager 

“I recently dealt with Louisa whilst looking for a new position. I have never come across such a diligent and professional recruiter, the way she conducted herself throughout the process was to the highest of standards. Before she was happy to put me forward for a position she met with me to discuss my CV at depth, not only to make sure I was a suitable candidate for the position but not to waste the companies time she was putting me forward for. The morning of the interview we had a call to make sure I was fully prepped for the interview itself and discussed final points. Unfortunately I didn’t secure the position I applied for with Louisa but I’m in no doubt that her professionalism during the time I dealt with her played a part in me securing my new job role. I cannot recommend Louisa enough” M. Blake Business Consultant 

“A big thank you to Louisa, who has helped me get the job I want. You’ve been there to help and support me through the whole process. I couldn’t have done it without you! Kind Regards” M. Savdas Client Care Executive  

“Louisa supported me in obtaining my new position in a new and exciting project management role. Throughout the process she has been extremely helpful and supportive, offering me advice and communicating with me at each stage. She has been a pleasure to work with and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Louisa!” J. Godfrey Project Manager

“Louisa took time to understand exactly what type of person I was looking to recruit and focused her search around people with the qualities that I believe are essential for a successful sales person. It’s clear to me that Louisa owns her business, as she demonstrates a great work ethic and a strong determination to find the right candidate, which ultimately led to her sourcing a real gem for my team. If you’re looking for the right people, chances are Louisa will find them.” S. Hay Sales Manager

“Thank-you for everything Louisa, I am happy to share my experience of working with you because in my mind it has been far superior to any other recruiter I have worked with. The 2 main differences I have found are a) If I have a question you always come back to me with an immediate answer, with other recruiters it can feel like you are hammering the door down constantly and b) every interaction I have had with you feels like you actually care ” S. Manson Area Sales Executive 

“Thank you so much! Have a good weekend and Louisa your service is fab I much prefer personal recruitment! You’ve done well for yourself also! I certainly won’t forget your fantastic service, have a super weekend”. P Hubbard Area Sales Manager 

“I left my previous job to find something more suitable for my skills and passions but I soon realised that for the majority of the recruiters I was only a number. The biggest agencies were also the worse as all I got was a flooded inbox with impersonal emails. I was so lucky to be approached by Louisa, she won my trust right away and meeting her in person was a real pleasure. Her guidance and competence, the passion for her work and dedication are so genuine that you feel your confidence and trust growing with every precious advice you receive.
She has been a vital support for my career and I am truly grateful to have received not just a brilliant job placement but the opportunity to develop as a professional with her directions”. R. Corrias National Account Manager 

“We’ve engaged Louisa to help us to fill two marketing vacancies. In both cases Louisa has put forward a number of very suitable candidates and we’ve successfully filled the roles from the candidates she has identified. She listens carefully to the brief, stays in close communication and has identified candidates quickly and effectively, helping us to manage the recruitment and engagement process and delivering an excellent service”. P.Swift Business Development Manager

“Louisa provided a fantastic service in recommending the role as Area Sales Manager to me and the support provided throughout the recruitment process was second to none – I couldn’t have asked for any more, I’d recommend Louisa Fleet to anyone”. M.Carty Area Sales Manager

“I first met Louisa after sending her my CV speculatively, as we all know when looking for a new position you are approached by many recruitment consultants normally concerned in mainly one thing, getting you placed as quickly as possible and claiming their commission. Not Louisa, she spent the time to get to know me and really found out what I was looking for in my next career move, after that she recommended a great company and arranged the first and second interviews. Throughout the whole process Louisa supported me right through to placement. I firmly believe that I would not have got the position without her help. It’s been a pleasure working with Louisa and I would not hesitate to recommend her and her team to prospective employers. Many thanks for a great service.” M Johnson   Field Sales Executive  

“Thanks for all your hard work in finding me a suitable candidate” A Bugden Sales Manager

“Louisa Fleet offers more than the average recruitment agency and throughout the last 8 years I have engaged with many, none have come close to this dedicated service provided. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Louisa herself in response to an application I made for a position. After a lengthy discussion about my experience and CV, Louisa recommended an alternative role that she considered to be better suited. From then on, Louisa worked tirelessly to prepare me for the application process, helped me get to the final stage of interviews and most recently secured me a fantastic job opportunity that without her, I would not have discovered. Louisa delivers a bespoke service which is both professional and friendly, exceeding any expectations and restoring my faith in recruitment agencies. There is a genuine focus on aligning the ideal job with the right candidate and Louisa operates with the utmost integrity. I am truly grateful to have received not just a successful job placement but a personal mentor, career adviser and pillar of support. My only regret is not meeting her sooner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Louisa Fleet Recruitment Agency to prospective employees and employers because Louisa does exactly what she says she will do and delivers excellent results every time. I am looking forward to continuing a long and successful relationship with Louisa in the future and with her services, I am confident this will be achieved. Thank you Louisa! ” C. Wokoh Sales Executive 

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help. Your approach and professionalism have been absolutely first class.” D. Standing Sales Executive 

“For the last few months I have dealt with a large amount of recruitment consultants and I can honestly say none of them have put in the time or effect that Louisa did”. N. Gale Area Sales Manager

“Louisa has been extremely helpful and responsive throughout the whole of the application process. This is the first time I have looked for jobs through an agency and she was by far the best at finding a company and role that really matched what I was looking for. Louisa has been thorough and detailed in her approach and was encouraging and motivating leading up to interview stage. Louisa is friendly and trustworthy and saw everything through in a very professional manner from start to finish”.  C. Randall Area Sales Manager 
“Louisa is amazing.  She is extremely professional, clearly knows her stuff and has been supportive, encouraging and positive throughout the whole interview process.  Working with Louisa is like having your own personal coach, someone who you can bounce your ideas off and who offers constructive thoughts and ideas in return.  Thanks to Louisa I have now landed a fabulous new job which couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.  I really can’t thank or recommend her highly enough and, if you’re reading this and wondering “Should I?” then the answer is “Yes, you absolutely should!” S. Gunn Business Development Manager

“I’ve found the service by Louisa Fleet impeccable, professional and friendly, Louisa is extremely helpful and understood not only the needs and requirements of her client externally well but also that of the candidates, unlike many recruitment consultants out there she does not waste time in finding the right people for the right company. Highly recommended!” K. Fletcher   Business Development Manager 

“I have worked with Louisa as a colleague and enlisted her help in finding me a new sales position. Having worked in recruitment and having enlisted recruiters to work on my behalf as a candidate and an employer I can honestly say that I have encountered no-one better than Louisa. Aside from being really personable, she also takes time to understand the candidate and the company alike in order to make matches that have the best chance of success. She has complete integrity and honesty and I would recommend her to anyone.” R.Stagg   Business Development Manager 

“Louisa was brilliant from start to finish and I haven’t spoken to or met an agent that gives as much time and energy to you and provides as much detail and preparation as she does.  I would highly recommend her to a friend or colleague. She gave me the edge I needed for the interviews. ”  D.Ireson Sales Consultant 

“Louisa helped me find my new role as an Area Sales Manager and I found her to be a very professional, knowledgeable recruiter along with excellent personable skills. If you want first class professionalism then Louisa comes as a high recommendation whether you are a client or an applicant looking for recruitment, Thank you Louisa for all your hard work and being informative along the whole process of my interviews.” A. Curry Field Sales Executive 

“Thank you for your time and efforts, you have been by far the most helpful consultant I have dealt with and I wish you all the best for the future” .  K. Bak Area Sales Manager 

“Louisa has helped me find the perfect role that I have been searching long and hard for, it was a refreshing change to speak with someone who not only knew her own role within the recruitment process but also knew the true needs of her client. It proved that her professional advice and knowledge of her client helped me secure a fantastic role. I felt very comfortable speaking to her openly and she was contactable when needed no matter the time. A true professional and highly recommended recruiter. I start my new career 10th February 2014 Thank you again Louisa.” M. Sharpe General Manager 

“Thanks once again, you are by far the best recruiter I have ever encountered” G. Lowe General Manager 

“After meeting Louisa Fleet just before Xmas, I have been offered a dream position yesterday with a UK market leading organisation. What a fantastic way to start my weekend and more importantly to start 2014.Louisa you have been totally proactive throughout from your literally daily updates, the transparency in what positions were available and best suited to my needs and my career aspirations, unlike I have ever seen with other recruitment consultants. I would genuinely recommend Louisa if you are looking for your next career move, Louisa again thank you so much, I feel as if you have been a god send” S. Smith Area Sales Manager 

“From my point of you I must congratulate you on the candidates that were selected for interview. All were well briefed and interviewed very well. We will have a difficult decision which is great”  P. Borrowdale Regional Director

“Within 3 weeks of applying for a job on Louisa Fleet’s website I had met Louisa, had my first and second interviews and secured a new role! I really can’t recommend Louisa enough. She has gone out of her way to provide me with interview and presentation tips, called me daily with updates and gone beyond the call of duty answering queries and calling me back out of hours. If you are looking for a new role then please give Louisa a call; she makes the effort to get to know her candidates as well as she knows her clients which makes for a great match!” S. Francis Business Development Manager