About Louisa Fleet Recruitment

We are sales professionals that leave nothing to chance and our attention to detail is never questioned. The culture of our recruitment agency is one of energy and passion. Integrity is a must and professionalism goes without saying.

Louisa Fleet, Managing Director

Louisa Fleet

Managing Director

Louisa is a bit of a fitness fanatic and is always looking for her next fitness challenge! When she isn’t busy recruiting she loves an early morning run or a session throwing some kicks and punches in Body Combat at the local gym. She normally has a couple of events in the diary such as “Survival of the Fittest” and she was recently a Reading Half Marathon finisher;

It’s not all work though, when it’s play time Louisa can be found in her wellies at festivals such as Reading, Sonar, BBK and Tea in the Park; Louisa a true lover of all things furry and cute and Billy Baxter – apart from being the office doggie, is Louisa’s own.

Louisa has over 15 years sales recruitment experience. She is a fellowship member of IRP (Institute of Recruitment Professionals) and is formally trained in sales, management and sales performance management.

Pam Christopher

Business Manager

Pam is a mum of two boys – Charlie and Kasey. When she is not being mum or working she loves nothing more than baking and cake decorating, so much so she has recently completed some cake decorating courses.

She also likes interior design and is often painting or up-cycling furniture to add to the home.

Pam has been in sales recruitment for over 15 years now and has built up an extensive client portfolio particularly in Reading, M4 Corridor and London and she has a number of established relationships.

Tejashri Joshi

Research Consultant

Tej works on our research team, and is our searching guru! Tej and her team perform upwards of 65 searches per assignment, she is a key contributor in hunting out the very best candidates for our assignments. She has got master’s in management studies including human resources management and has 2 years’ experience within human resources and talent acquisition.

Tej is a real foodie, she loves to explore new places and new food joints/restaurants.

Billy Baxter

Trainee CEO

We are proud to welcome Billy Baxter to the team. Billy joined us as a young pup in January 2016 and he brings lots of fun to our working days! Billy is a flat coat retriever and we know we are biased but he is adorable! Billy is our C.E.O (Chief Entertainment Officer) and he has injected warmth and fun into our daily office routines.  Like all of our recruits Billy was put through in depth screening and skills’ testing before our decision was made to appoint him in this very important role.

Billy’s favourite things are…

Barking (mainly at his bone as he is so excited when he has one) 

Being naughty, he’s a pup! That’s what he does best! 

From running off with the paper from the printer to stealing your favourite pen, he’s always up to something mischievous! 

Playing … Life is a game and there’s always fun to be had when Billy is around.

Sleeping… 16 hours a day? It’s a dog’s life!